Sunday, December 17, 2006

Let's lend Karim a helping hand Part 3

I'VE received the first donation of RM5,000 for ailing editor Karim Sulaiman. The donation came from Berita Publishing, the publisher for women's magazine JELITA.

Jelita, on the occassion of its 30th anniversary, held a dinner to mark the occasion at the Istana Hotel on Saturday night. The glittering function was graced by YBhg To' Puan Seri Wan Hibatul Hidayah Wan Ismail, who is the wife of YTM Yg DiPertua Majlis Penasihat Pemangku Raja Terengganu.

Many top models and personalities who had graced the magazine's cover over the last 30 years were also present and took part in a fashion show which added more glamour to the night. I was asked to pick up the mock cheque from YBhg To' Puan and will soon pass the actual cheque to Karim at his home in Seri Gombak.

The Senior General Manager of Berita Publishing, Puan Zaini Zainudin, said the magazine was touched when they read about Karim's predicament. Hence, the donation. She herself visited Karim on Sunday Dec 17.

I hope to receive more contributions from friends and help alleviate Karim's suffering. Fellow blogger Ahirudin Attan has also been highlighting Karim's plight and that's really good.

This morning, Karim and wife, Hawa, received yet another form of support. This time from the Deputy Minister of Health, Dato Dr Abdul Latif Ahmad. He dropped by Karim's house and spent an hour chatting with him and the family. Himself a medical doctor, the deputy minister wasted no time and contacted Hospital Kuala Lumpur for advice.

The Editor in Chief of Bernama, an old friend, Datuk Azman Ujang, was also present, along with a group of fellow journalists and photographers.

Dr Latif is now making arrangements for Karim to obtain second and/or third opinion regarding his ailment. He said that Karim is suffering from an extremely rare skin disease. In fact, several doctors whom Karim consulted in the past shook their head wondering what really ails him.

Could it be scleromyxoedema? Well, Dr Latif said it's better for the doctors who specialises in skin ailments to do a thorough investigation on Karim and let them do all the necessary tests rather than making a guess.

Karim, a winner of the country's top journalism award in 2000 when he served the Berita Harian, is also doing his own research on his sickness. Helped by his wife and children, Karim has been surfing the Net looking for any clue that could alleviate his suffering. In one instance, he found out that the health authorities in America has promised a reward for anyone who could find a cure to the disease.

Karim is on six-months leave with full pay till May next year, after which he will be on half month for six months. Thereafter, he will be receive Socso benefits only.


apekome said...

Datuk AAT, I appreciates what you have done to help brother Karim. I received a sms from his wife this evening informing me that a doctor by the name of Dr Suraya coming to visit brother Karim. this Thursday, I believes the doctor must have been briefed by Datuk Dr Latiff who visited Karim this morning.

*cosmic freak* said...

dear sir.

it was surprising to see you in the blogsphere, noting I was a simple practical trainee in Maxis, sitting just outside your room a good 11 months ago.

I'm wishing your friend Karim Sulaiman the best of health to come in his way, at least, with the love and support he's receiving, God is the Most Compassionate in easing his pain. InsyaALLAH.

syed syahrul zarizi b syed abdullah said...


I am one of your frequent reader. I am sadden by the news of your fellow friend/journalist is now bed-ridden because of a serious illness. I hope he will be given the proper treatment and i applause all the friends/people that stand by him in a dire time like this



Terima kasih dan tahniah kepada blogger seperti Sdr, Rocky dan Kak Teh (yang bermastautin di London)kerana menimbulkan kedesaran mengenai penderitaan saudara sepekerjaan kita, Karim Sulaiman.

Ironinya adalah Karim bekerja dengan media massa arus perdana tetapi plight beliau diuar-uarkan oleh para blogger.

Syukur kita kepada Tuhan. Berkat usaha saudara dan saudari, Timbalan Menteri berkunjung dan nasib malang Karim hari menjadi berita dalam akhbar arus perdana.

You see Brothers and Sisters, our modest efforts at perpetuating the good things we once championed in the mainstream media via this new medium called blog or weblog is paying off.

I hope more journalists and writers join the blogsphere.

Khusus kepada blog Saudara -- Pahit Manis -- saya makin yakin bahawa pendekatan Saudara adalah tepat.

Saudara mendedikasikan blog ini sebagai ruang luahan suara rakyat biasa yang semakin terpinggir.

The ordinary people need a voice. People like Karim need a voice. In our modest way, we can help them by giving that voice

Thank you, carry on and God bless.

Kak Teh said...

syabas datuk! I'm sure your highlighting his plight has brought help and attention. Read abt it in BH online today. I saw his picture - he has changed beyond recognition. Let's hope there's morehelp coming his way.

Kak Teh said...

Datuk, Rocky and datuk AKJ, it is me again and if I am being a nuisance - let me know! anyway, you have said it dt AKJ - the power of blogging and if it can be put to good use, I am all for it.
Dt AAT, in your first entry you said you wanted to blog about real people with real problems and you have done so, syabas. I knew that you could reach places other bloggers like me can't. Therefore, I am pleading with you to visit my blog under the title An annual review of sorts and also dr bubbles - Three year old syazwan needs help to save the only eye he has. i dont know where else to place this appeal.