Thursday, December 14, 2006

Let's lend Karim a helping hand Part 2

If you have the time, especially colleagues of ill and bed-ridden Karim Sulaiman, do drop in and and see what we can collectively do for him. Karim, one of the senior editors of Berita Harian, lies in bed at his home in Gombak trying to figure out what ails him.

Responding to my last posting on the lad, Dr Alias Mohamad, president of the Persatuan Bekas Wartawan Berita Harian, will be visiting Karim at 11am tomorrow (Dec 14, '06). Alias will be accompanied by several other friends who has come to know of Karim's plight.

Former Deputy Group Editor of Berita Harian, Mior Kamarul Baid, alerted me of this visit via SMS a short while ago. For those who wish to see how Karim is faring, his address is: No 18, Jalan SG6/6, Taman Sri Gombak 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor.

Karim have many friends when he was working for Berita Harian. In the course of his work as a journalist, he must have helped many people too. I'm sure those whom he has helped would like to know his current plight. I hope his friends who know of his ailment would spread the word to others who may not. Who knows, some good may come of it.

If all of us can rally round Karim, I'm sure we can ease his hardship. More than that, we can try to demystify his ailment. Karim's family and friends said medical doctors who treated him have been baffled by the ailment. Surely we can do better than that.

First, let's try to visit him. Let's rally around him and then pool our resources. As a servant of journalism, Karim deserves better treatment than just be allowed to while away his time in bed not knowing what ails him, not knowing why his weight has dropped from 60kg plus to only half of that.

To that end, I'm pledging a modest personal donation for Karim to help tide things over. I'll alert everyone of what is the next step in this direction. Salams!


steady eddie said...

Y.Bhg Datuk,

It is indeed very distressing to hear about our dear brother's ailment.It is very kind of you to bring this matter up to all of us.Tis is the season of goodwill to all mankind.Please let us know where we could send in our 'gifts of love'.I hope we could all do the needful.I trust that we should reach out and do our humble best.

Best regards...Bekas Setiausaha Akhbar.

Kak Teh said...

Datuk, I am sure you are aware of this. When our friend the late Tan Ka Peng was very ill with cancer, his employers, The Star did everything possible to make his last remaining months comfortable in London. They were so kind and generous to him and his family. I am sure Karim had served his employers as much as Tan had served his and Karim deserves all the help he needs now.

kak teh

Rockybru said...


I agree with Kak Teh. LIke the late Ka Peng, Karim also served the London office of the Berita Harian and New Straits Times. He was the BH correspondent from 1995 to 1998. He won several journalism awards, including the Hadiah Kajai in 2001. Soon after that, after he'd discovered how seriously sick he was, the company granted him compassionate leave to allow him and his family to come to terms with his condition. Karim went for three weeks and came back because he could not and did not want to take advantage of the company!

I went to see Karim yesterday and was so shocked to see how much he had deteriorated since I last saw him earlier this year. For 5 minutes, at least, I could not say anything, did not know what to say, could not believe that this frail shadow of a man was the same Karim.

Certainly, it won't be fair to expect Berita Harian to still keep him at the office given Karim's physical decline. But like Kak Teh said, the company should be generous and kind. With the clout and influence of the paper, surely it could call on the medical industry to take a look at one of its reporters who have made it proud. Karim himself does not wish to be pitied, he just wants a chance to fight this illness or disorder.

I was told that Sdr Wahab, our friend from the Human Resources Department, has not made a visit to see Sdr Karim since the award-winning journalist was told not to report for work at the office anymore (from Nov 9). Wahab should; it's his job.

If Wahab does not do his job, how would Karim's employers -- Berita Harian and the NSTP grop --- know what it should do to help him?


Sdr Rocky,

Melawat Karim sebentar tadi. He was in good spirit. His wife is a strong woman. His children too.

Thank you to you, Sdr Ahmad Talib, Kak Teh and other bloggers for telling Karim's story.

Yes, Sdr Rocky, I interviewed him and recommended him for the BH job. I remember that well because it was rare for a graduate of town planning to want to become a journalist.

Thank you.