Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Msia, Spore leaders have no baggage

I MADE a dash across the causeway to see PM Najib speak at the Foreign Correspondents Association at the posh Fullerton Hotel.The PM looked relaxed and spoke for about 15-20 minutes before answering questions from the floor. He looked cool and confident. The chairperson for the evening said the PM's attendance was most awaited by association members. She said that it was 10 years ago that a Malaysian PM had dinner and took questions from members. Najib was asked about the affirmative action in Malaysia. His standard response was that affirmative action will still be part of his administration, but the implementation will be fairer. Those who deserved to be helped will be helped, he told his 200-odd audience who paid S$85 (S$75 for members) to hear him speak. One member of the floor even asked if the PM fopresee the possibility of a re-merger of Malaysia and Singapore. "I dont see that happening, since both countries have taken different paths. But I do want to see more economic integration, closer engagement and better relationship. The new leaders have no legacies (baggage)," the PM said.


yb said...

The new leaders of Malaysia and Singapore have no baggage but they have strings attached in the form of APCO Worldwide.

Was your dash down merely to observe the cool, relaxed and confident transformation of the PM under the expert advice?


Ramli Mohd Yunus said...

Dear Dato,

I bleed to admit that Singapore leaders have no baggage personally or otherwise.

Most Malaysian look at Kuan Yew as a Chinese not as a leader of intergrity, intelectual and good governance.

Anonymous said...

Dr Mahathir's strategy was to outbid Singapore in the regional economic game, without denying it's right to existence.

What is Najib's?