Thursday, April 8, 2010

HS: Palanivel vs a younger MIC person

WHO among the MIC leaders will be picked to contest the Hulu Selangor parliamentary seat? After BN Chairman and PM Najib announced that the seat will go to the MIC, talk is now focused on who the candidate will be. Can it be G Palanivel, one time journalist with Bernama and who lost in the same contest by 198 votes in 2008? He is now MIC dep president. If Palanivel loses, will he still succeed MIC Bossman Samy Vellu as president. Will the MIC pick a guy rejected at the parliamentary level to head the party? Even if he is picked, will he be respected by fellow BN components? The BN in Hulu Selangor will now defend the selection of whoever the MIC candidate will be fielded. The choice of candidate will determine how easy or difficult it is to defend.


Tokman said...

If its MIC then they have no choice but to choose Palanavil....bad and poor choice! An UMNO candidate will be be a better choice after all MIC had been given the chance at 12 GE and time to try out UMNO or MCA....but observing the local sentiment I put my bet on an UMNO candidate to give a good fight to PAKATAN!

Anonymous said...

Tok Matt,
MIC has won the battle but BN will loss the war on April 25. who ever MIC candidate is, most of the HUlu Selangor voters will not vote for MIC. G.palanivel left a bad record and the people particularly the Indians will not easily forgive him. The UMNO division of the Hulu Selangor, still can't accept Najib's decision to continue given the seat to MIC. For sure my vote is not MIC.

Matt Piah Batang kali

mananbuyong said...

My initial sentiment was that the seat shld be given to UMNO.

I now think it is right that MIC be given the seat, but that the man chosen SHOULD NOT be left to the MIC President to decide.

There is more than just the seat which is at stake here. The future of UMNO as the backbone of BN is very much at stake.

If UMNO were to take the seat, which is against the gentlemen agreement in BN, then win or lose UMNO will lose the respect of component partys in future.

But giving in to MIC with the candidate named by the MIC president without prior discussion with BN's President will also result in the lost of respect to BN President/UMNO/Malays..

So, What the BN leadership is doing is the way to go..

Anonymous said...

Najib's 1Malaysia and focus on KPI seems to have displaced the Pakatan somewhat.

But the MIC and PPP alone among the BN parties who suffered massive election losses have failed to renew their leaderships.

If Najib is sticking to his performance focus, why does the electorate have to face candidates from parties which are yet to respond to their dismal performance last time around?

Maybe sticking to the allocation rules and letting MIC face the music and forcing it to renew itself after another defeat if that's what it takes is a good gamble. Hopefully it's not due to failure to apply the performance rule strongly.

radzuan said...

I am for UMNO candidate.There is no point to support component party that bring no values to Barisan. Just look at MIC performance in last General Election, well everybody knows, they are not doing well.
If PM really look for merit based performance, then the obvious answer is NO to them.

However, PM must have good reasons to stick to old fashion. We must support the PM. Hopefuly, with the allocation given, party component do not 'bark'so much claiming what is not really belong to them.

Team players need to work together.Not just sitting but work along with volunters seeing people every corner,convincing them that BN has changed.