Saturday, March 6, 2010

Zulkifli is better as independent MP

I HAD told PKR MP for Kulim Bandar Baru, Zulkifli Noordin, that it looked like he was waiting to be sacked from his party. The way he was taking them to task for various breaches, it seemed to me that he was baiting his party bosses to give him the kick. Today, he got it. At around 6.00PM today, he called several people saying he's ready to tell all at a Press Conference. I had told him that the sack was bound to come sooner or later. Now that he's sacked, Zulkifli is free to speak against anyone and on anything. Seems to me that he's got few, if any, allies in the party. Perhaps he should focus on being an independent MP and serve his constituents full time, the way the famous Cikgu Jabar did for Batu Laut in Selangor. The late Cikgu Jabar stayed as an independent Wakil Rakyat for several terms in Batu Laut with the voters backing him at every poll. He died many years ago.


Ramli Mohd Yunus said...

Dear Tok Mad,

This loose cannon MP is a bit to much calling others firaun kecil.

I have no respect for these type of political hooligan.

He was in the game!!So forget about Zulkifli Nordin, he is just performing his overlapping!

Ramli Mohd Yunus said...

Dear Dato,

I have heard news that Fairuz ex Penang DCM is busy looking for GLCs in PM`s and DPM`s offices. Zul Kulim will be the next GLCs hunter!

Ha...ha...ha they are of the same breed..genetically virused!!

Anonymous said...

Salam Dato, ur comment about Cikgu Jabar is all right except that he is still alive. For ur info he is still very much in good health and still holding a post as Ketua Umno cawangan in Batu Laut. Still very much respected in the area & we the younger generation sometime seek his advice whenever he is around. Perhaps Dato would call him in one of your program in order to clarify this mistake. Tq Dato.

Anonymous said...

Isn't MP about the people who voted him in? What has it got to do with him as an independent? How would he serve the people who voted him in as an independent? Is he really independent? Only selfish interest comes to mind!

Anonymous said...

Agreed...but he should resign as MP if he religiously uphold to Islamic principles as the voters backed him as PKR or Pakatan candidate not as Zulkifli. He has betrayed his voters and if he has any pride left he should just resign and join any NGOs that can tolerate him!

Anonymous said...

With due respect to YB Zulkifli Nordin, I can only categorise him as a loud-mouth politician who did nothing for his constituency in the last 2 years, especially in the Bandar Bharu district.

I was bred in the district which saw some developments under the previous MP, Dato' Seri Kadir Sheikh Fadhir. Sad to say, YB Zulkifli's report card as far as his contribution to his constituency is concerned is an F throughout.

While his championing of Islamic cause is laudable, he should be also be cognisant of the needs of his constituents especially those residing in Bandar Bharu District. Being a loud-mouth politician is one thing. Being a truly elected MP is another.

A Non-Plussed Boy From Serdang, Kedah



Cikgu Jabar is totally different from any of the independent MPs.

Ahmad A Talib said...

Dear Anon 12.34

TQ for your comments. Really appreciate it. I want to apologise to Cikgu Jabar for the mistake. I got the wrong information. If you know how I can be in touch with Cikgu Jabar, pl email me at


Anonymous said...

For your info, sir , Cikgu Jabar is still alive!

Anonymous said...

To those Independent MPs they should stay away from Parliament as called by Karpal Singh and let the Speaker declare the seat as vacant due to being absent for a period as stipulated in the relevant Act. The MP can then be still eligible to stand for any by-elections and gauge his support from the voters that they had betrayed. How many MPs dare to do that?

Anonymous said...

Dear Dato', saya dah e mail kan no telefon cikgu Jabar, harap Dato dah buka e mail. Terima kasih.