Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Will MCA election resolved crisis?

SALAM! Who will lead the MCA after the party election on March 28? But my bigger question is whether the MCA crisis will be resolved after the election? The factions in the MCA seems to be deep-rooted. Ong Tee Keat is the incumbent and he's being attacked from all corners. Even his predeccesor Ong Ka Ting has announced his bid to wrest the presidency from OTK. As do Dr Chua Soi Lek. This can be a potentially explosive election. Friends in the MCA say the 2,400 delegates already know who they want to lead the party. But it won't easy and certainly not a walk in the park for the contestants. In recent days, we hear comments from supporters of the three contenders that their candidate has got the endorsement of the PM and his deputy. This kind of campaigning is to be expected. But delegates won't be influenced by this. Whatever the outcome of the election, all MCA leaders must next do the honourable thing - to respect the voice of the delegates and accept whoever is picked to lead the party. MCA have wasted enough time already.


Anonymous said...

As an ardent observer of Malaysian politics the MCA crisis will not end with the present leaders including Ong Ka Ting as the new President. A highly respected individual should come in as the new President assisted by new, fresh and young faces. MCA members should know who can bring back respect and dignity to the party...impartial, fair and dignified....thats the man to choose as your new President.

Anonymous said...

The older generations have gone and we are now facing the intelligent and vociferous younger generation who can think what is right and what is wrong. MCA leaders who want to maintain the status quo and follow the directives from UMNO are no longer acceptable as the new generation of Malaysian Chinese want equal rights as others! So the Chinese have to think real good and get a new leader that can lead and supported by the majority. All 3 candidates offering themselves as President are definitely not 'The One'.....get someone respectable who won the 12th GE can garner support from local Chinese to lead the MCA!

al-Deen-amin said...

The Chinese are strategically known to put the money where the mouth is - education, business, association, food etc. Where is the beef in politics vis a vis MCA? PKFZ scandal has left a major tell-tale sign. UMNO and MIC have their own tell-tale signs too.

Time and again Ong Tee Keat said that he is going after the culprits without fear and favour. Bravo. That is what we want we want from a leader. Hope he wins the presidency.

Radzuan said...


I prefer OTK to be the president of MCA. I did not know his background but he seems good and convincing.
May I suggest his deputy came from fresh and younger generation.He cannot efford to have deputy that consistantly attack him.

MCA must resolve this mess faster. We need the support from Chinese Community in next general election. Sacrifice a bit 'la' for the sake of one team.

Opponent will laugh at us when we keep fighting among us, weakness and opportunity reveal.DAP is gaining more support becouse of their critical analysis of their findings.I must accept that they are good in this area.

Moving forward,I really hope, MCA members must( no choice) vote the most capable one to be their captain.Yes You Can.

mohd ali ismail said...

I am sorry to say that MCA is history and the Chinese want a change and they have found the alternative they can rely on.