Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Zambry is Mandela is Gandhi...?

WORDS, how they tell! Yes-No-Yes Perak MB Datuk Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir made some references to Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela yesterday, it seemed. Apparently, he was referring to the struggle of these two great world leaders, and how he's probably used them as role models and examples of perseverance and determination. And for that, he was laughed at by his detractors. His critics were quick to put scorn on him, ridiculing him for even dare trying to compare himself with Gandhi and Mandela. I laughed too! In today's charged-up political environment, it looks like politicians have to be very careful as to whose names they utter to be used as examples of role models. We all know that Zambry is neither Gandhi or Mandela...but surely all politicians have, at some point or other, been inspired by these two icons and a score of others such as Kennedy, Churchil, Dr M, Anwar Ibrahim, Nik Aziz, Tan Chee Khoon, Seenivasagam Brothers...They can't all be wrong, can they?


Anonymous said...

Salam tuan,

Saya mengalu-alukan sebarang komen dari semua pihak tidak mengira fahaman. Namun biarlah konstruktif dan tidak lucah atau fitnah dan melulu

Anak Malaysia said...

Yes Bro,
Most unfortunate that we have to be witness to what is going on. My late father will be kicking in his grave, he fought for independence so that Malayans who are now Malaysians can rule and administer the state for the benefit of the rakyat and the future generation. Nizar gila sangat nak jadi Menteri Besar kita faham sangat kerana gurunya ialah Anwar Ibrahim yang gila sangat nak jadi Perdana Menteri. Satelah 63 tahun UMNO menabur jasa dan satelah 52 tahun negara merdeka, I think we have failed somewhere, the people are not decicive enough in determining the role of government and who should be put to power. The selection of candidates are very questionable that results the voters being disillusioned. Malaysians must transformed into one Malaysia and think and live that way as a culture where opportunities are for all and those who need help are assisted. It sounds so simple but many do not understand.

Unknown said...

Salam Dato,

A lot of people quote Quran, does this make them a god or equivalance.

Anonymous said...

We all have our role models and heros, and Dr Zambry is perfectly entitled to his, or whoever inspires him. His choices are probably good because Dr Zambry's own manner exudes a sense of serenity and optimism which stands out against the monkey-brain antics of the PR.

How do we choose our models? They must I guess have some integrity. But more than that, if they are to be leaders, they have to have wisdom, and this in today's world must include knowledge or understanding of science and technology.

By my criteria, from your list Dr Mahathir would stand out as an ideal and intriguing role model for the modern world.

While I have no problems generally with others in your list, I do like to question your inclusion of Anwar Ibrahim.

He simply didn't have the wisdom and humility to appreciate the wisdom ,humanity and selflessness that underlay the policies of Dr Mahathir during his tenure and the crisis years and chose to side with the World Bank and it's operatives to unseat Dr Mahathir, for his own personal gain, and has been on a personal vendatta since, without regard to God' will.


Apanama said...

Bukan setakat Dtk Zambry jer, newsportals like the Malaysian Insider is even BLATANT and RUDE enough to make fun of the Sultan of Perak and Raja Nazrin Shah.
Looks like there is no holds barred, even if it is the Sultan.
Maybe we are at political crossroads but does this mean we should allow some badly brought up morons to manipulate the situation to humiliate the Sultan??
It seems as though there is a concerted move to aggressively push the Malaysian Malaysia agenda while everybody is engrossed in the Perak political crisis.
Either its DAP or PAP, the motivation is the same. PAS might also be dragged into the same path by Anwar Ibraham who is just interested in becoming the Prime Minister ... or is it actually the President of Malaysia?

Dear Malaysia, please take note before its too late.

Anonymous said...

nizar mengikuti ciri-ciri lanun, sesikit macam hitler...


Ahmad A Talib said...

Dear Praxis,

AI was a role model for many people in his younger days as an ABIM leader. Many were attracted to his ways and rhetorics. TQ