Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ole! Barcelona was just magnificent!

HAIL BARCELONA FC, worthy football champions of Europe. It was worth losing sleep to catch the final where Man Utd was trying to defend its title after beating Chelsea in Moscow last year. After Eto scored the first goal, and seing how Puyol and mates played their hearts out, I couldn't see Ronaldo and his team getting back into the game. Messi showed no mercy to a United team that played with no real invention and flair. While Barcelona played smooth football, United was disjointed and didn't seem to be really hungry enough to fight for every ball. Barcelona showed class while United laboured. I was the last to leave the flat screen stadium. Despite being an Man U fan, I wasn't unhappy at Barcelona's win. They truly deserved the Cup. I now wait for Man U's game in the National Stadium in Bkt Jalil come July 18.


A Voice said...

Being an Man U fan, I am ever willing to concede that Barcelona was a better team.

I have not been following the Man U game much this season because they are not a beautiful sight to watch.

They easily lose ball control, and too brutish too be entertaining. Absent are their control of the mid field, defense splitting precision passes and creative goal set-up. That kind of game was lost when Ronaldo appeared.

But because Man U is such a great football club, we still win European Cup last year and many other cups.

I am looking forward for when the team mature into a tight unit.

Anonymous said...


voice. looks like you gotta consider changing team.

i won it anyway.... against all odds!


Donplaypuks® said...

I blame Fergie!

Barca came out of the stalls with their best line-up champing at the bits, while Fergie came out with the typical British bull-shit of 'hit back on counter attack.'

Where was the much vaunted attack force of Rooney, Ronaldo, Bebatov and Tevez? Not there in the 1st half, that's where!

Now we can see why no UK team has won the World Cup since '66 (and that to at home with a controversial goal). On this reckoning, they never will win another 1 either, not with 'let's soak the presssure and hope they make a mistake'!!

And Ronaldo proved clearly that he's no sportsman with his mauling of Puyol.

Anonymous said...

Barca played some of the best football i've seen in years. Their passing was superb. That first goal was sublime. I think there's a tinge (at least) of arrogance in the way MU played. They must've thought they'll win no matter what.But then, of course people will claim i'm biased...hehehe...maybe i am.

Mohd. Ramesh
Liverpool Fan

afterburner73 said...

Win some, lose some, okay? I'm a Gunner. Of course it is a beautiful sight to see MU lose.