Friday, February 20, 2009

A Palestinian woman gives and gives..

"INSYAALLAH, WE'LL MEET IN PARADISE," said Ghada, a school teacher I met in Gaza during Yayasan Salam's mission earlier this month. Ghada had the opportunity to visit Malaysia some years ago on a study tour. The young lady probably typifies a Palestinian woman who knows deeply the meaning of struggle, sacrifice, love, life and death. In an interview in Gaza and acting as our interpreter in one of our field trips, Ghada speaks fluent English and helped us understand local issues better. The interview was recorded and I'm reproducing part of it here. It has better impact when you actually hear her words and see her expression yourself.


Mahmud Yussop said...

If this is the will of all Palestinian women I can see now why the Israelists will never ever win this war.Thanks for sharing the interview.BTW I'm your follower from Borneo. Keep up with the excellent work.Salam.

Ahmad A Talib said...

Dear visitors,

I had to remove the video 'cos of some technical errors upon viewing. I'll try to sort it out and post it again. Salam.