Sunday, June 22, 2008

Didn't ACA cleared Yong before the GE?

DAVE and Tom sent me an sms each today, giving their views on the same subject - SAPP and Datuk Yong Teck Lee's statement that the party would back a vote of no confidence against the PM when it's tabled. Yong said such a vote would be taken tomorrow but there's still no confirmation of such a move.

In his sms, Dave said: "I thought all BN politicians who took part in the general election had to be clear of any investigation of corruption. So, if Yong was already investigated as the ACA DG claims, why was he allowed to contest?"

Tom's sms said: "In a democracy, people should be free to voice their opinion. There should be no threats like what our poor immature politicians do. The due process is available and they can exercise it as it is open to all and all are aware of the consequences of their actions. When will our politicians do away with cheap publicity?"

We will have to wait to see if there's any attempt to push for a viote of no confidence. I've already said that this is not likely to happen but that doesn't mean the parties wanting to do so would cease thinking and planning towards it.

Yong's party may be a small member of the BN coalition, but it has created an overhang that can distract out MPs from doing their work, that is, to serve their constituents. We are also watching if Yong's announcement would encourage other BN components to make similar stand.

Component leaders have publicly said they won't take that route, but in politics nothing should be dismissed as outrageous and far-fetched. Let's not miss tomorrow"s life telecast of Parliament, because if there's any attempt to do so, what better time can there be when everyone's glued to the box?


Anonymous said...

Tok Mat,

Samaada ada undi tidak percaya ke atas Pak Lah atau pun tidak pada sessi Parlimen mulai esok, bagi Saya tidak lagi percaya kapada Pak Lah.

anak umno

Anonymous said...

There is not going to be alive telecast today

Mohd. Ramesh