Monday, September 24, 2007

Our doa for Tun M continues

TUN DR Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali has not left the IJN from the moment Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had his second open-heart surgery on Sept. 4. And that's where I found her last night, on the fifth floor of the IJN.

According to Mokhzani, one of the sons, her mother has been camping at the IJN from Day One, and doesn't look like she's going to take a break by going home or doing something else other than tending to her husband, the former PM.

By now, she knows her way around quite well already in the IJN. She's either on the first floor where the ICU is, or on the fifth floor where the Bunga Raya ward is located. Tun M is now in the ICU after undergoing a second surgery intended to facilitate his recovery process.

The fact that he had to undergo another surgery, and it being done at night, had somehow led to some rumours that the surgery didn't go very well. By Monday evening, the rumours went as far as saying that Tun M had passed on. Text messages were being sent and replied and forwarded, each seeking confirmation and asking for any news of the former PM.

I got calls and text messages from all over the country asking if I know of his condition, and whether there's any truth to the rumours. Others later gave their version, saying they too had received similar enquiries.

When I got to the IJN with two other former newspaper editors, Mokhzani told us that his dad is conscious and able to communicate with his doctors and immediate family members. He too confirmed that he had been receiving similar enquiries from friends and acquaintances, including those from overseas.

If you must know, a police station did call the IJN asking if there were any truth to the rumours!

But such is the concern for Dr Mahathir. He's very much in the news. As far as I know, three Cabinet ministers visited the IJN wanting to know his condition while a few more made phone calls asking similar questions. Former Cabinet colleagues of the Tun also visited the fifth floor wanting first-hand information.

Our doa for the Tun's speedy and full recovery has not stopped. God willing, Tun M will continue to walk with us soon and continue to serve the nation in whatever capacity possible. Get well soon, Tun!

As for Tun Siti, I hope she paces herself well too. She was wearing an IJN pullover when I saw her last night. She wore an expression of concern but the look was not of real worry. Tun Siti knows that she's not alone in her vigil of her husband. Our doa is with you too.


Kak Teh said...

Our doas for Tun M's speedy recovery. And our thoughts are with you Tun Siti and family.

mananbuyong said...

You know why I stopped Smoking?

Right from lower secondary school until I got 4 children - 40 yrs old - I smoked cigarettes. In the 70's, when the a-go-go era of my hometown was slowly overtaken by Deep purple and the 'narcotic music' of college life, I even do ganja. (Not proud of it, but that was the situation)

I tried to stop smoking, as most everyone... but as most everyone, failed.

Until one day in the late 70's, I chanced upon a tv interview of Dr Mahathir.. He was asked about how he did not smoke?

He answered," People say they smoke because smoking is relaxing; Some people say they smoke because then they can think clearly; and there are others who says they do so because then they can mix with other people, comfortable when interacting with others...

Well, I find that without smoking I can relax; Without smoking I can think clearly; and without smoking I am comfortable 'mixing' with others..

So I do not need cigarettes. What I don't need, I don't take.."

(Or words to that effect..)

And, those words help me to kick the smoking habit. But if it were to come from others... I doubt it would make any difference to me.

Tun M. I love you.

da real deal said...

Tun Dr Siti Hasmah, a model wife. May Allah give her strength and power to the "M".

Anonymous said...

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Sdr Tok Mat,

Kalau ungkapan di belakang setiap orang yang berjaya ada seorang wanita mempunyai sebarang makna dan kalau kita menganggap Tun Dr Mahathir berjaya, maka wanita di belakangnya adalah Tun Dr Siti Hasmah.

Pasangan Mahathir-Siti Hasmah adalah pasangan yang menepati maksud ungkapan itu.

When I first came to know the pair back in 1964, it was Tun Dr Siti Hasmah who was in the forefront of Tun Dr Mahathir's campaign as Alliance candidate for the Kota Star Selatan parliamentary seat.

It was Tun Dr Siti Hasmah who broke the ice with the local Kaum Ibu who then as now played an important role in the grassroot campaign.

She is his source of strength. She's not only a doctor and a mother, she's also an intellect.

We who know her personally are lucky and we owe so much to her. Buat waktu ini, kita masih mencari ganti..itupun kalau ada.

Terima kasih.

da real deal said...


Ramai di kalangan isteri2 orang politik hari ini yang menganggap merekalah yang berkuasa kerana di rumah suami2 mereka mengambil arahan dari mereka. Mereka lupa bahawa penghormatan yang di berikan kepada mereka adalah kerana kedudukan suaminya dan bukan sebaliknya.

Juga apabila di nasihat supaya belajar dari Tun Dr Siti Hasmah bagaimana hendak menjadi isteri orang politik, mereka rasa terhina.

Kemungkinan besar, suatu lagi contoh yang baik boleh kita lihat sebagai model seorang isteri adalah Datin Seri Jeanne. Nampaknya senyumannya dan kesederhanaannya cukup senang di perolehi dan inilah yang hendak di lihat oleh rakyat jelata.