Monday, September 10, 2007

Karim's Ramadhan greetings

MUSLIMS start fasting on Thursday, InsyaAllah, and that includes our friend Karim Sulaiman, the former editor who is fighting an extremely rare skin disease, scleromyxoedema. Today, Karim went back to HKL for his eighth round of treatment.

Karim now weighs 51kg. and doctors said this is remarkable. For someone who went down as low as 35kg at one time, Karim is showing very positive signs of recovery that has excited medical practitioners in and outside the country.

HKL's Department of Dermatology must be credited for much of Karim's treatment and the manner with which they pursue his case is most encouraging. In fact, Karim provided a rare and important opportunity for them to study the disease and see what good can come from their treatment and research.

As I understand it, the lady doctor who has been following and documenting Karim's case made a presentation at a medical seminar in Johore recently and walked away with the best presenter award. Let us all hope that Karim continues his recovery and may he walk with all of us again as a meaningful member of society.

A few days ago, Karim sent me an e mail wishing everyone Ramadhan greetings. And Hawa, his wife, told me that Karim will also fast regardless of his condition. He did the same last year and is none the worse for it.

Hawa said: "I'm very thankful that Karim is able to do the things he wants to do. I join him in thanking everyone for helping us. May this Ramadhan brings joy and fulfillment to everyone!"

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