Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Karim's on holiday in PD!

KARIM Sulaiman, our one-time Special Project Editor with Berita Harian who's down with a rare skin ailment, scleromyxoedema, is well enough to take a holiday! He's gone to Sri Pena, the NSTP Training centre with a beach in Port Dickson.

I caught up with him on his mobile. He sounded chirpy and very much enjoying his short break with family members. Sri Pena offers a swimming pool and enough rooms to accomodate at least 200 people at any one time.

Karim said he has been told by Malaysian researchers that he is one of 151 people affected by the disease worldwide. He was also told that he was the latest. But in terms of treatment, Karim said he's getting "the safest and the most successful" so far. Even though no cure has been found, Karim's progress has inspired medical researchers to double their work.

In fact, karim's response to treatment has made him a subject of study by skin disease experts. His case will be studied further at two national and international symposiums on skin diseases in Kuala Lumpur and Seoul before the end of the year.

Karim's progress has been very encouraging. Recounting his story, Karim said: "Cik Mad, I can walk the stairs better than a month ago. I can eat better. I've gained another kilo, and my skin is not as taut as before. That's why I can move better too. I'm due for another round of treatment next week."

Karim's progress has partly been due to the support he's been getting from friends and well-wishers. I'm sure we'll continue to give him that support, and we must acknowledge his wife's dedication to look after her ailing husband. God Bless Karim!


mutalib saifuddin said...

sounds great that he has shown positive progress in his fight against the disease...

i followed on his progress ever since you first started posting about him, from calling Dr Latiff to everything...

it touched me on how he had been surviving on the disease..

Rockybru said...

Syabas Karim. Jangan PD aje beb, cuba Redang pulak. Shanghai Fish baru balik dari sana, kata dia macam Hawaii. Mungkin pasal ramai yang pakai batik.

Semoga bertambah sihat.

Anonymous said...

pray that sdr karim tabah menghadapi dugaan hidup ini. i know he can do it. he is a good fighter. i had the chance to live just a storey above in london 1996 - 1998.

i also had the opportunity to work in the same building with him in bangsar kuala lumpur 2005 until i left for kota kinabalu for good.

though in such condition, his smile remains the same. sdr karim, drs siti hawa and children (who used to serve me kuih in london, you are not alone in hoping for the best for the kajai recepient.