Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Doesn't take much to please dads

IT DOESN'T take a lot to make fathers happy. They won't be asking their children for millions of ringgit; or expensive watches and sumptious dinners at big restaurants and/or five-star hotels. Father's will be happy just to have their children healthy, happy and stay out of trouble and mischief.

Many fathers will tell you that their children give them this, or give them that; some glow with pride when their children succeed in life; some lament endlessly at their offsprings who follow the wayward path to harm themselves and others.

Often, fathers are also a misunderstood lot. The concern for their children is often mistook for control - don't stay up late; be careful who you go out with; don't waste time by sleeping late; exercise; don't do this, don't do that! Alamak! Life sucks, the children will say.

But kids, listen, and listen good. Fathers generally know best. It's been proven time and time again. Fathers don't encourage their children do drugs; live a life of destruction; they may smoke but they tell their children not to! Fathers know best after the tough times they've gone through.

In four days time, it'll be nine years since my father died. It feels like only yesterday I took him to the hospital for treatment; seems like only yesterday he refused me RM3.50 to join friends and neighbours to enjoy a bus ride to Port Dickson for a day by the sea.

It's also like only yesterday he borrowed from the chettiar to buy my school uniform and school bag. His philosophy was simple, and one that I try to follow as best as I can: "Do no harm to others. Respect your elders always. Be the best you can."

And he often whispered: "Live a better life than me. Take your responsibility seriously. Serve God and the community, and you'll do fine."

There are thousands, millions, of fathers out there who want the best for their children. Kids, make your fathers happy by being happy. He probably has less years ahead than you. Learn from him.

Belated Happy Father's Day!!


Anonymous said...


I'm sure your children know that you are a good loving father and they try their best to be happy thus making their father & mother happy.

To others you are a good father figure. I'm sure your father was proud of you.

I miss my Ayah so badly!!!

May Allah continue to bless your father & my Ayah there.

Alliedmartster said...

mine passed away ten years ago.
I'm sure he is looking down on us and in spirit, he'll always be there in my heart.

Happy fathers day, Dato.

His words are simple but it rings true. Lets catch up sometime, and you can give me some info on your latest community project.

J.T. said...

Hello Dato

I hopped from Nuraina's blog to yours.
Happy Belated Father's Day to you.

I lost my dad on 14th June 1994. He thought me many things in life which I carry with me till today.

You are absolutely correct - it doesn't take much to please dads. They just want what's best for us. They know it because fathers know best.

Thanks and have a great week. :)