Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sorry DS Najib, KJ, Sarah, Esther!

Good morning everyone! I hope everyone had a good sleep after the Umno general assembly and after watching football last night. We'll talk about Umno later. But I want to share some thoughts on football this morning. I gave away some tickets for the Malaysia Cup final last night and watched the game on TV instead. With my fever and cough, I better stay put and watch the game on TV. As everyone now knows, Selangor is M-Cup champion for the 33rd time. I'm a Selangorian and am happy of course. The team played really well I thought. Kedah played well too but the lacked good finishing. Selangor took their chances well. Better luck next time Kedah. Then again you did beat us before to become champion too right? The future for our football is bright, I think. But the football administrators must get their act together. The coaches too. If coaches fight among themselves (as they did about two weeks ago), then we might as well bury the team and give away the jerseys and socks and boots. We do have talent. It's a question of how to get the talent to gel and play seamless football. It's the same thing with Man Utd (the team that has global appeal with PM DS Najib Razak and Sports Minister Khairi Jamaluddin as fans). TS Johan Jaaffar's wife, Sarah, is another hardcore fan. She watches almost every game. Ex-colleague Esther is another fan who's patience and loyalty are being tested. Tan Man U Manager LVG has good track records; his team of millionaires have abundant talent; training facilities are among the best in the world. But they are stingy where goals are concerned. At least that's what we see this season. It'll take a bit of time for the players to really gel and start showing their worth. Since I couldn't sleep last night, I watched the team played Bournemouth. It was a disastrous showing for the Red Devils. Granted LVG operates a hospital and not just a football club. But fans are baying for blood. Losing is one thing, but the manner in which the team has been playing this season can put die-hard fans to snore fairly quickly. Man U to occupy one of the top four slots end of the season? May not be a good idea to put your money on it.

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