Sunday, March 23, 2014

SALAM! This is Visit Malaysia Year, but events in the past two weeks had caused the country in the global limelight in a unplanned way. Everyday Malaysia is mentioned in the world media, regardless in which corner of the world they are. The search for the missing MAS flight MH370 has caught everyone's attention. Some of the biggest names in world television networks are here. They have been camping the Sama-Sama Hotel just next door to the Kuala Lumpur International Airpport, Sepang. Everyday at 1730 hours, a press conference is held. The Acting Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein is the main spokesman and this is beamed live across the globe. The missing MH370 has helped make the country known. It is a sad way of getting the world's attention. Let us continue to pray for the safe return of the 239 persons on board. They have been missing for the last 15 days.

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