Sunday, November 7, 2010

Diwali; floods; Galas, Batu Sapi wins for PM

SALAM! For the folks in Kedah and Perlis, I wish the floods will go away quickly. I spent the weekend in and around Alor Star meeting volunteer friends from Yayasan Salam and the Msian Red Crescent. The flood is really bad, and I wrote about it in my newspaper column in the New Sunday Times. I'm organising the next batch of volunteers to Kedah in a few days time to help ease the burden of the flood victims. This has been a very busy week all round too. One piece of news that was quite worrying at first was the hospitalisation of PM DS Najib Razak for superficial ulcers and mild gastrities. But he's responded well to treatment and was discharged today. He should rest and return to office after he's fully recovered. But news of the victories in Galas and Batu Sapi must have been a big boost to him. Say what you may, the victories show the return of voters to the BN. The challenge is to ensure that this continues and be sustained. In between there was Deepavali. For once this year, I missed Diwali because I was out on my flood rounds. Hopefully, Dash will still have a Diwali party where we can have home-made thosai and rasem! Belated Happy Diwali greetings to all Hindu friends.

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mfaidzul said...

How do I sign up as volunteer?