Friday, January 29, 2010

Wild boars got value; trouble makers none

SALAM! I took a short drive to Kg Medan/Kg Sentosa yesterday after hearing that wild boar heads were thrown into the compounds of three mosques. When things appear to be on the mend over recent issues, this incident is totally irresponsible. I just wonder what good this act will do. Kg Medan has a history of some trouble in the past. Some years ago, fights broke out which resulted in the burning of motorcycles and arrests. I took a ride in the area too at that time. It was night and the sight of a burning motorcycle didn't help to calm nerves. The wild boar head incident made me conclude that whoever did this need to have their heads examined, in more ways than one. I bumped into our young MP Khairi (KJ) at the mosque, who was already on the scene doing his part to calm things down. Several young MIC leaders were there too. We all want peace and harmony. No two ways about that. The trouble seekers should be sent to an island and let loose among the wild boars..

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Basuh Baju said...

Salam datuk, really enjoy your writing kat NST. You just use simple word to articulate your view about delicate issue.

pasal isu ni- ini jelas menunjukkan kita memerlukan kerajaan yg kuat. Be it BN or PR.