Sunday, September 13, 2009

Samy Vellu to pass baton to Palanivel soon?

G PALANIVEL retained his Dep President MIC post, though with a reduced majority. His position as the number two man to Samy Vellu has been consistent over the years. His policy is simple - the Boss is always right; do not overshadow the Boss; do not speak out of turn; be supportive; and be patient. I've known Palanivel since we were reporters in Bernama many years ago. He joined Bernama a few years after me and I remember covering the stock market together. I expect Palanivel to take over the number one post before the next general election, which will give him time to propose to the BN leadership his choice of candidates. His critics are many, but I suppose not big enough to topple him from the dep president post. Palanivel believes in his own public relations approach to winning votes - SMS to his supporters, maintaining contact via personal contacts. He may not be as colourful as the other candidates but Samy Vellu's support obviously still has some influence on voting trends.

My question for Palanivel: What will be his brand of leadership for the MIC? Will it be good enough to restore the MIC as a winning component in the BN?

My question for Samy Vellu: When is a good time to pass the baton to Palanivel? Is he ready to hand over the leadership after being at the helm from 1981?

My question for the MIC: Will it be re-energised after the weekend's assembly?


Anonymous said...

Your contention that Palanivel will take over soon - that is not going to happen Dato.

Did you also read that Samy declaring that all in his team are weak and he (Samy) wants to strengthen them first?

Samy knew well that his team was weak, and that is why he went out there to campaign for all those of his choice.

but this Samy fellow did not even tell the delegates during his campaign rounds that the team he is supporting was actually weak.

Only after they are elcted, he brands all of them as weak. And you think anyone dares say that he/she is not weak? Mana boleh lawan towkay (or taiko?)

That means - Palanivel is also weak. And you think Palani will act strong?

He has already resigned himself to play 'weak' to satisfy his boss who gave him a life line support.

Where can you see this happen in other BN parties, except the MIC which is being abandoned by the majority Indians?

God bless Palanivel.
He is reporting to a fickle minded boss, who wants everyone to say yes to whatever 'wisdom' he says.


Anonymous said...

Samy Vellu is the problem. But until today he is still in denial. He loves to listen to his voice thinking it is the voice of the majority. Samy Vellu reminds me of the roman emperor Nero who played his musical instrument while Rome was being burnt down.


Non-partisan said...

Do you know what the reaction was when he was making his round at the Hulu Selangor parliamentary constituency during the 2008 Gen.Election campaign? - Sudah mahu pilihan raya lagi kah ?

That speaks volume of his performance as an incumbent MP for Hulu Selangor then.

He has to choose another constituency if he has any ambition to make his way back to parliament. Otherwise he will just be a good 'yes man' to Samy Vellu which has zero appeal to the rakyat.

Apanama said...

Samy Vellu is not gonna pass the baton to anyone anytime soon. He'd probably go to the grave with the baton and whip up another drama, claiming that someone had stolen his BATON. I think even GOD has given up hope on MIC.
Maybe its time BN considered admitting other political parties and gave MIC an ultimatum ... either buck up or get out!

Anonymous said...

MIC mayat hidup dalam BN selagi Samy jadi presiden.Takde makna-nyer PalaniVELLU ganti SamyVELLU! Dua-dua haprak!!!


Anonymous said...

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