Friday, February 29, 2008

Is there a general election on?

IT SEEMS to me that the 12 general election may see more excitement than one can bargain for. It seems that every single contestant, especially incumbents, are firmly camped in their constituency, making sure they are seen and heard by all and sundry.

Only those with confidence in their performance in the last four years or so dare to venture out to help their fellow party candidates. Either that, or that they are tasked with covering as much ground as possible to lend moral support to their colleagues, especially if they are contesting for the first time.

No one can take victorty for granted. In politics, that's the first lesson that must be embedded in the minds of wannabe Wakil Rakyat or YB (Yang Berhormat). Once you assume that victory is yours, you'll be taught a simple lesson that you are not ever likely going to forget.

I caught up with a couple of 'bekas bakal calon' or individuals who seemed cerrtain of being nominated by their parties only to be told later that they have been replaced by someone else. They seemed not so disappointed after seing the action, or lack of it for that matter, on the ground.

One of them said that he views his position as 'bekas bakal calon' as a blessing. "If I had been nominated by the party contest, I would have a really tough fight on my hands. And I'm not sure I can cope with that."

Scary isn't it? So then, what is really happening on the ground? Is this general election going to be bruising contest for some, resulting in exits which could spell the end of their political career?

I don't really know. I hear stories, and feel some lack of urgency in a number of places. In fact, a ride through some places would give beg the question - is there really an election going on? Where are the flags, fliers, buntings, party posters and house-to-house campaigns?

I tried to catch some ceramahs in the last couple of days. But the service centres I went to weren't able to give accurate information as to where their candidates were. I left wondering what's going on here...

Well, I suppose the weekend will definitely be more productive where ceramahs are concerned. Maybe by then the posters would have been put up and voters would know who the contestants are. We'll have to wait and see.


Anonymous said...

assalammualaikum, dato' that the pru12 results just shocked the whole nation,..what would u have to say abt it?

Anonymous said...

assalammualaikum dato', that the pru12 results have proved that 'kuasa di tangan rakyat' could really change the political scenario in the country. Wht would u have to say abt this?