Thursday, January 3, 2008

Any more skeletons in the Cabinet?

Like every other person, Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek is not a paragon of virture. But he's definitely a man of honesty, a person who must be admired for his quickness of mind and surefootness of action.

A day after admitting that he was the person caught on video for his sexual indiscretions, the former Health Minister resigned from his Government post and all party positions in the MCA. Lesser individuals, and politicians, would probably try to weave their way out of trouble and seek to maintain their innocence.

No one is an angel, and Dr Chua is no exception. But the manner in which he publicly admitted his indiscretion, and subsequently announced his resignation in a dignified and controlled manner, speaks volume of the man's conduct.

Of greater significance in the whole episode is the extent which Dr Chua's enemies had gone to get their man. This must be fully investigated, both to bring the culprits to answer for their misdeed, and to establish who is the mastermind behind this gross invasion of privacy.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi is spared the embarassment of having have to sack his senior Cabinet member, but only so. Pak Lah may have to do a 360 degree check on his remaining Cabinet colleagues to see if there's any more skeletons in the cupboard.

If one is to believe the grapevine, there could be a few more, given the length and breadth of the country. How many more of these offenders are serving the people? Will we ever know? Will they be able to pull wool over their bosses' eyes, again that is?




I think this "Dr" is the 'sacrifice lamb' to usher a 'serious' message.

I agree with you that "No one is an angel"!

I believe, the 'power' actually is in the hands of 'the video makers' and not the 'politicians' nor the 'authorities'!

Anonymous said...

The authorities are beating the snake at the wrong end. Overzealous house to house check on the illegal possession of the disks. Concentrate on the hotel the workers and guest lists. Someone really want him out of commission and have succeeded. Cowardice act. Morality aside, he is just doing something we are all innately born with.

Anonymous said...

Could you put up a topic on 'school fees' as to my opinion the government has committed a 'crime' towards people.

First they told us, no more 'school fees' in the annual budget. Second, the minister has announced in international arena that education in Malaysia is Free without any blink in his eyes.

I pity those who suffer and have to swallow this blatant lie.

By the way, I am government's supporter.

Rockybru said...


The PM missed the opportunity of advising Chua Soi Lek to resign. Remember the day the minister admitted the he was the man in the sex video? Chua told the Press that he had already met Pak Lah, Najib and Ong Ka Ting over the video, and he also told the Press that he was not going to resign from the Government of the party.

I could only deduce that the minister was not "advised" by any of the three leaders to do the (only) right thing, which was to resign! Ong Ka Ting couldn't have told Chua to resing as Health Minister, only the PM could do that. And he didn't.

It was just as well that Chua decided to quit. If he hadn't, the MCA would have sacked him as party vice-president. And then the PM would have to sack Chua.

In short, I think we the people were the ones spared the embarassment of having to witness the PM taking the cue from the MCA on the matter.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

datuk pahit manis, saya nak tanya...dalam kes chua soi lek ini, kalau menteri boleh buat perangai macam ni, anak-anak buah tentu boleh buat macam tu juga. apa kah pendekatan yang perlu diambil untuk mengatasi masalah ini yang saya dapati kebanyakan pegawai atasan dalam kerajaan banyak yang melakukan perkara seperti ini termasuk orang muslim yang tidak diambil tindakan dengan memejam mata sebelah. sebagai orang yang berpengalaman dalam hal ini, apa pandangan datuk pahit manis?

somboon cheanswaths said...

Well, at least he was honorable enough not come out with a denial like, "I say again, I did not have sex with that woman..." and did the right thing for a man in an important position in both government and senior partner in the ruling coalition. And Bill Clinton wasn't even the worst of the lot. Jackass as he may be, he at least did not get the CIA to blow up Ms Lewinsky's semen-stained blue dress or something like that. Too bad for our former Health Minister that he was caught. It probably also lend some truth to the joke that 30 per cent of men cheat on their spouses in Malasysia. The other 70 per cent cheat on them abroad. And fortunately for most, done without anybody setting up hidden video cameras in their hotel rooms to secretly film their naughty acts and expose them to the whole country.

Anonymous said...

Two Prime Minister opening "shady" joints in a prominent mall of the city. One sells you the bread of unrighteousnes, while the other poise itself to be the chief supplier of royal robes to royal rascals.

The rivers of Kuala Lumpur look muddier than usual, its filth has new Barisan contamination. While sons of padi farmers and former tin miners and Indian plantation workers struggle to put bread and clothes on, the emperors reign supreme with razzle dazzle.

The emperors demand that that Malays must only vote Barisan, Indians are told you will regret it if you don't, while the Chinese are are given crumbs to keep them begging for more. Who will take the challenge to stand against the emperor's intimidation?

The skies over the twin towers and like a vengeful dragon, while the stage is set for electing the champs the emperors have instrumented their triump. Let the east winds blow, let the warm rains of Kedah cleanse from within.

The only reason for corrupt emperors to reign is for their subjects to remain shackled and intimidated. Rise up and let the drumbeats begin. This time the people will not let the pernicious floods come in.

Though the Staid Times and the Fallen Star spin doctors blow smoke in our eyes,we will not let Datuk Wong and Kallimullah revel in half-turths, selective denials and lies.

Tuesday as boycott day of mainstream goverment papers is having a reasonable impact. A news vendor even asked me if Tuesday was a day people read each other. More power to u Rocky, standing with you on this and lets add another day to it.

Anonymous said...

i admired Dr Chua for being honest and brave enough to admit least he is being responsible
the sex is something that most of the people just that they wont get caught while doing it..