Sunday, November 4, 2007

Would you spare RM1 a day for orphans?

WOULD you spare RM1 a day to help some underprivileged children? More specifically, orphans. At RM1 day, that would be RM365 a year; and that can go a long way to help ease their daily burden.

This is a small initiative that a few friends and I are undertaking. This started last month when I attended a special breaking of fast event in a village mosque. The village people, mostly rubber tappers and odd job workers, had organised the function a few days before Raya. They managed to give the orphans RM20 each to spend for Raya.

This was a one-off initiative. The following days I spoke to a few friends and sought their views - whether they would mind depriving themselves of one teh tarik a day and spend the money on the orphans instead. They all said yes, these kind souls.

God willing, these orphans will start the new year with extra money in their pocket. A register of orphans in the village is being done with their thumbnail sketch. The orphans' details will be distributed to potential donors so that they know where their money is spent.

In the village, most of these orphans stay with their relatives, who themselves are not rich. But in the village, the community share their hardships and little joys. For many years, they are trying to get together for some self-help initiatives to raise the academic achievements of school-going children in the village.

If there's enough support for this initiative, we may enlarge the scope to include some tuition classes for children sitting for their UPSR and PMR examinations next year. I'm not sure how far this can go but it's worth trying. If there's anyone who want to take part in this initiative, do drop me a line.

From my experience, a small village like this are very thankful for whatever help they can get. But they need good grassroot leaders who has the necessary resources and network to help them. It will also help if wealthy corporates were to lend a hand by offering small donations of a few thousand ringgit a year.

In fact, corporates should adopt villages or schools near where they are operating. They should actively participate in the school or village activities and be part of a support system to make the school children do well in their studies and the village more willing to change for the better.

Anyway, back to the orphans. Remember, all I want is RM1 a day for the whole year. A committee comprising village headman, the imam and mosque officials and other village leaders will form the management team to look after the funds. I look forwards to getting calls from friends to support this initiative.


cakapaje said...


I wholeheartedly support this. This is something that has been on my mind for a very long time. In fact, a group of friends started similar initiative several years back.

CAO- Chef Azura othman said...

Im really touched and think your writing this time is an eye opener.Speaking through experience ,I lost my father when I was 11 and It was DIFFICULT financially and emotionally .Loosing your parent is the most painful experience in a childs life , we dont have to add financial burden to the them.
Sending them to the orphanage sometimes was done under financial strain of close relatives who does not have much choice,I am lucky to have a mother who is qualified and able to find a job after my father"s death, but what happened to those mothers who dont? Orphans need moral and financial support ,usually when a child lost his/her father people at times tends to ignore and forget them .I certainly wont forget an inch of my memories being brought up by my mother and how at times we were bullied by the society .

That was very thoughful of you to think about others!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I would love to help. Please send me the details how to proceed. july_1303(at)

Rockybru said...

count me in bro!

Ahmad A Talib said...

Dear commentators,

TQ for tour support. I appreciate that. Some friends elsewhere have also agreed to join us in this effort. Once the ground work has been finalised, I'll share them with you.

Anonymous said...

Salam Tok Mat,

Great idea. Count me in.


Just bising said...

Hello Datuk... I'd like to participate too.