Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Doa for Tun M on Lailatul Qadr night

MY religious Guru often say that one of the best times to offer a doa is when it rains. Tonight it rained. And many also believe that tonight is the Night of lailatul Qadr, a night whose blessings exceed all other nights!

And this was the night when the small mosque in my dusun held a doa selamat for Tun M, who, an IJN statement said earlier, has been moved out from the ICU to the Bunga Raya ward. This in itself brought much cheer and an audible sigh of relief all round.

The doa selamat was held after Isya' prayers and after the majlis khatam Quran, where the Quran reciters concluded the remaining surah from the Holy Book. In Ramadhan, Muslims are encouraged to read the 30 chapters of the Quran while seeking to enhance their understanding of the teachings of Islam.

The old imam then led the terawih prayers, joined by youngsters in their teens. This, the kampong elders said, wasn't a common sight. Not that he was displeased, he quickly remarked. Just before supper, the mosque committee gave away donations of sarongs and duit raya for the village orphans.

My dusun is located in Behrang, about an hour from KL and less than five minutes from Proton City. Some of us are trying to move the kampong folks to become more involved in kampong activities and gradually bring them into the mainstream of social and economic developments. It remains to be seen whether we can achieve anything at all, given the lethargy often seen there.

The kampong comes to life when it's the fruit season. Or when there's a wedding, when the young boys would rent musical instruments and offer some form of entertainment to guests!

But tonight the congregation seemed to speak with unity of purpose. They had all come to offer their doa selamat to Tun M for "his services to the nation, a debt that we owe to him," said the bilal in his short opening remarks.

The bilal also led the tahlil, special doa for the departed. In all, it was a night where everyone sought blessings and forgiveness for themselves and their loved ones. InsyaAllah, our prayers will be answered.

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