Thursday, August 30, 2007

salam merdeka

rakan dan kawan
teman dan kenalan

eratkan setiakawan
teguhkan perjuangan
kuatkan iman

pahit manis ditelan
perit jerih jadikan laluan
simpan seribu kenangan
jadikan azimat sepanjang zaman

ayuh teruskan perjuangan
semangat jangan luntur
hati mesti berani
jiwa mesti merdeka!

30 ogos, 2007
kuala lumpur


DDeden said...

1957 Merdeka Malaysia
1776 Independence US

Nice to be free.

somboon cheanswaths said...

I used to think that when singing the national anthem, one should stand at attention and face the country's flag (if one is available) while doing it. (Of course, I might be wrong here. They could have changed the rules while I was not looking). But if they hadn't, then why in God's name were Malaysian ministers and VIPs waving the mini Malaysian flags when the national anthem was being sung. In case you missed it, this was carried live over Malayian TVs just after the Merdeka countdown at Dataran Merdeka?? In all the joy about celebrating the nation's 50 years of independence, have they forgotten that you wave flags when the patriotic songs are sung and stand still during the Negara Ku? I certainly find the act just as offensive as somebody bastardising the country's national anthem. Maybe more so, because the ministers and MPs ought to know better than a student.