Friday, July 6, 2007

CTOS - still not too late to put things right

CTOS and Bob goes in hand. Now the story received a bit more prominence when Dep Min Kayveas joined the fray and began to highlight the woes that have affected other Bobs in the country.

One must take one's hat off to the Dep Minister in the Prime Minister's Dept over this. While this may be a bit late in the day for some, it could possibly help many others whose loan applications at various banks may be pending.

As the banks rightly said, they don't depend on CTOS information alone when processing loans. This is true no doubt. But one wonders how many loan applicants had their submissions rejected based on CTOS information? It could be revealing.

CTOS and the banks can also help by owning up. Small businessmen like Bob and thousand others had gone through bad times but recovered through perseverance and staying the course. These people have mouths to feed and are also responsible for their staff and other dependents.

This is perhaps where Bank Negara can step in. It can launch a special unit to process loan applications which had been rejected by banks, provided they can show documented evidence that they have clean records but not reflected in CTOS files.

Many people like Bob are about to fold up. Some are on the verge of losing their mind as well. Help them before they resort to something drastic or tragic.


Ah Beng Crosby said...

Who is protesting at CTOS? Seems like CTOS has been made the baddest corporation in the country. Because of CTOS, everyone tries to maintain a clean record. It is the defaulters who is crying for blood here. Anyone here wants to lend their money to people with bad records? Why don't M Kayveas set up a loan company extending loan to those people blacklisted in CTOS? Talk is cheap, and cheap publicity is still good publicity.

Anonymous said...

Blood sucking CTOS. Imagine the agony of a clean honest person who got `entangled` by CTOS un-updated infomation. Arrogant. Pour soul was deprived of bank facilities seems due to him.
Lost of opportunities, lost of faith and self esteem because some illegal operating company out there screw up big times for many years.

Thank Mr. Kayveas ~ your brave effort deserve salutation.

Those who got victimised by CTOS, stand up and be counted.

Defaulters are no criminal. Everyone wants to pay what ever and to who ever they borrow money from.

Things like being sweet talk to be a guarantor that went sour, disability, business went bust etc are beyond control. By penalizing these people, then how on earth can they earn to pay back what they have earn?

Mr. Kayveas ~ its should have been done earlier...much much earlier. Nab em...!!!

Anonymous said...

what happen to those pour soul was deprived,lost of opportunities, lost of faith.

Anonymous said...

Should have pictures to show how good and beautiful Bosnia now.

A Voice said...


Waiting for your pantun on TDM's 82nd birthday