Friday, April 6, 2007

All Blogs - it's time!

IT'S an idea whose time has come - the establishment of the National Alliance of Bloggers, or All-Blogs. Ahirudin Attan aka Rocky's Bru sent me a text message soon after Wayne Rooney scored the equaliser against AS Roma (Repeat lah, not the Live one) that some 50 die-hard bloggers had gathered yesterday to form this first-ever association.

Rocky heads the pro-tem committee, with Screenshots Jeff Ooi as vice president and Nuraina A Samad of Jalan Sudin as secretary. Tony Yew (Alliedmaster right?) is treasurer and a host of other webscribes make up the rest of the committee.

The formation of All-Blogs couldn't have come at a more opportune time, with bloggers being tagged as liars while deputy minister Shaziman had gone on record to suggest that all bloggers be registered.

Maybe YB Shaziman, also a friend, should just forget the idea and let the bloggers regulate themselves. Rocky had done very well as president of the National Press Club and I'm sure he'll do another good job here.

YB Shaziman should channel all his energy in making sure that the nation is truly connected instead. As it is, a great part of the country is still 'internetless' and the majority of the population has little or zero knowledge of today's power tools.

And yet we often hear our leaders claiming that we have plenty of K-workers as we spend much money on developing human capital.

Back to All-Blogs. The first test for the association is to cross the Registrar of Societies, and judging from the hurdles so far, this could be a really big challenge. All the best Rocky and friends!


Anonymous said...

Ben Nathan the roti canai guy - what happened to him? i let him down, too.

he converted and he became sick.
i have forgotten his beautiful name.

what happened to the boy?


I still do not understand the rationale for the National Union of Journalists to seek government recognition of bloggers.

If the approach is that the government should recognise the role of bloggers as responsible conduits of a continuous dialogue between the people and the government, I can understand.

Anyway, Dato, not all the bloggers are who they make themselves out to be. So, just take care.