Thursday, February 1, 2007

Karim goes home

AFTER 17 days in the Kuala Lumpur Hospital (I had erred when I earlier reported he was warded longer days), Karim Sulaiman, our ailing friend from Harian Metro, is now back at his home in Sri Gombak.

Hawa, his faithful wife, told me Karim feels good and upbeat about the treatment he has been receiving when he was at the dermatology ward of HKL. He was taken home on Jan 27 and will be meeting HKL's skin specialist on Feb 12. If everything goes as planned, Karim will be warded again on Feb 26 for the continuation of his treatment.

Karim's ailment affects the skin, and I'm told its called scleroderma. It is also known as systemic sclerosis, a very rare autoimmune disorder that can affect many organs and tissues. According to published accounts, the ailment is 3 times as common in women and is most likely to appear between the age of 30 and 50.

A cure for the disease is being researched all over the world. A person afflicted with the disease see changes to the skin,, especially of the face and fingers, which becomes shiny and tight, leading to difficulty with movements. Other parts of the body may also be affected, causing difficulty in swallowing, shortness of breadth, palpitations, high blood pressure, joint pain and muscle weakness.

Hawa, expressing gratefulness to everyone who has been helping Karim through his ordeal, especially the specialists and doctors at HKL, said Karim feels better and finds swallowing his food easier compared to before the treatment.

The hospital has also trained Hawa to keep Karim on several physiotherapy routines. She's hopeful that all these will help her husband on the road to full recovery. The couple continue to receive well-wishers, bringing physical and moral support.


Anonymous said...

sayang sekali kita
tidak berani
mengerakkan langkah
dalam bidang 'stem cell research'
kita hanya
cepat-cepat berselindung
di belakang
tanpa sebarang
bukti fakta.

mana mudharat

hanya berkhayal
di alam kubur
sebelum maut.

Hi&Lo said...

I wish Karim speedy recovery. He is very blessed to have his dedicated wife by his side.

I agree with "mijnheer ikje". Humanity is lost on the clerics.

Rockybru said...

bro, you have faithfully given us report after report on the progress of our friend karim. he is fortunate to have you as a friend. i have not been able to drop in to see him since that first and last time, and i have not blogged about him. i should and, godwilling, will to that in the next few days. meanwhile, i'll doa for him and also for your good health.