Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Salam Perkenalan..

Assalamualaikum and Salam Sejahtera! I'm starting my own blog, having seen how others have theirs. Mine won't be as exciting. I just want to record my thoughts, float some ideas and hope to do some learning in the process.

I'm reminded of Nelson Mandela's words when he wrote to his daughter, Zindzi, in September 1977: "Writing is a prestigious profession which puts one right into the centre of the world and, to remain on top, one has to work really hard, the aim being a good and original theme, simplicity in expression and the use of the irreplaeable word."

From Jalaludin Rumi, I found this: "You have a duty to perform. Do anything else, do any number of things, occupy your time fully, and yet, if you do not do this task, all your time will have been wasted."

But it is from our own Usman Awang (may Abang Usman rest in peace - Al-Fatihah) that I decided to return to writing, to add colour to an already vibrant landscape of web journalism. From his speech when receiving the South East Asia Write Award in Bangkok, 1982, Usman said:

"Maka itulah perlu para penulis memihak
kepada golongan serta gerakan yang ingin mengukuhkan
nilai-nilai kemanusiaan,
menegakkan perdamaian yang sejati,
dan memperjuangkan pembebasan serta keadilan
bagi bangsa dan negara yang tertindas..

tanpa visa
kemanusiaan rakyat
seluruh benua."

I pray I have the stamina, creativity, discipline and resourcefulness to maintain my blog! Thank you.

2340 hours
November 22, 2006.




Biar saya jadi antara komrad terawal mengalu-alukan kedatangan Tuan ke dunia siber.

Tentunya ada yang berkata ini konspirasi raksasa bekas-bekas warga Balai berita.

Tapi apa pedulinya. Bila dah tak ada paper, kita manfaatkanlah dunia siber.

Selamat berblog!

Al-mu Syahrisyawal Ahmad said...


Welcome to the world of blogging.

I'm looking forward to read wonderful words from you, as well as other 'monsters' out there.

The ones who'll never retire from the world of journalism, I hope.

It'll be very dull if they do.

Happy Blogging!


Denise said...

Iye la...nampak memang macam konspirasi... tetapi konspirasi ada berbagai tujuan... baik dan buruk, kita tentukan dari mana datangnya ... dari kita atau dari Allah...

highheelseliparjepun said...

Selamat Datang ke dunia blog...

Fauziah Ismail said...

Welcome to the World of Blogging! Wishing u well in your endeavours.

G said...

cik mat,

Congrats n good wishes on ur new blog. As a fellow blogger n someone u once hired, I must say it is nice to see ur presence here. My dad wud be happy, I must tell him.

I wonder where the rest of the ppl went to. Besides pak kadir..i mean.

N Sorry I didn't address u as Datuk. I knew u as Cik Mat and that way it'll stay. Datukship ni pun, dah takde "cachet" sekarang ni

lipaskudung said... last, you has come to this world..a colourful cyberworld. One thing brother, as a blogger, your must be braved enough to take this challenge. My advice, you must write what peoples want, not what you think you wants to write. Good Luck to you. Teh tarik satu.

SR215 said...

Welcome to the cyber world. Share your thoughts and opinions here, like what all of us did. It's big 'wild wild web' here.

Unknown said...


Saya syok tengok nawaitu Datuk memblog - spt yg tercermin dlm muqaddimah Datuk.

Kalu dah nawaitu btui, rasa risau akan berkurangan sebab kalau seluruh dunia pun berhimpun untuk mendebik kita tetapi jika Allah tak izin, wajib tak jadi apa!

Tapi kalau Allah nak menghukum kita (kalau kita terlampau jahat sangat) atau menguji kita (kalau Dia S.W.T. nak tingkatkan iman dan keyakinan kita), walau satu dunia berhimpun dan bina sejuta tembok besar China pun, kita tetap akan ghuyub!

Tulislah apa nak tulis, Datuk. Janji bahagia - sebab bagi yang memang biasa menulis, menulis sebenarnya sangat membahagiakan. Lepas tulis, punya la lena tidoq!

Unknown said...

Looking forward to reading your blog on regular basis!



Apa kata kita berbicara tentang cinta?
Tentang kekasih-kekasih lama
Yang dulu berpuisi seloka
Mendeklamasikan madah pendeta pujangga
Meminum secangkir manisan dari sungai "syurga"
Tapi kini hilang entah di mana.

Tentang ibunda tanah pusaka
Tentang suka duka berkasih sayang
Tentang panji-panji yang kita julang
Tentang orang tua yang sohor terbilang.

Tentang pekerti yang semakin hilang
Dan tentang kekaburan hari-hari mendatang.

Pasti bapa-bapa pembesar tidak marah
Kalau kita sekadar berpuisi, bermadah
Lagipun ada sesuatu tentang tuan dan aku
Yang bapa-bapa itu tidak tahu
Yakni pada pena kita ada irama dan lagu.

Maka saudara, mari kita berbicara tentang cinta
Pasti banyak yang suka
Setidak pun mereka tidak murka
Mungkin mereka menyangka
Tuan dan saya sudah gila
Menjadi pelarian di alam siber.

Tuan dan saya kita pernah berpuisi
Cuma jarang guna nama sendiri
Maklumlah dulu kita terjerat terikat
Dengan pelbagai peraturan dan syarat.

Sekarang kita sudah bebas
Di alam maya yang luas lepas
Mari berpuisi puas-puas
Kalau ada yang tak suka
silalah balas.

Meminjam kata-kata Jaluddin Rumi"
Kerana cinta duri menjadi mawar
Kerana cinta cuka menjadi anggur segar
Kerana cinta pentungan menjadi mahkota penawar.....(Thinker's Library).

Terima Kasih.

Rockybru said...

salams bro!
knew you couldn't stay out of the ring too long. the itch to float and to sting must have been too great to resist. the scribe said we'd definitely be accused of conspiracy of the balai berita ghosts now. hah, why not? blogworld's gain. welcome bro, look forward to your postings!

WiseOne said...


It's good to have a new one from the old broad sheet. Got to see what you have to offer before I could comment further. Btw, you could use your pic to brighten up this site. Nice goatee you got there.


Darius said...

Alo Pak, masuk aja blogging ya Pak. Jangan takut Pak ya. Sememangnya perlu belajar teknologi ngak kira usia.

Saya hadiahkan puisi untuk Pak.
Think of it as kenduri menyambut blogger.

Bungan Raya bunga Malaysia
Cantik di pandang, lawa di pakai
Blogging aja Pak ngak usah leka
kalau bahaya, delete aja mak aiiii!

Buaya69 said...

The Malaysian blogosphere welcomes another giant into the fraternity. I hope to be blessed by your writing/thoughts in this blog ;)

- buaya69, -

awas said...

I used to read NST in school but for reasons all of us knew by now, I had even asked my office's daily newspaper to be changed to the Star. Not a good sub but what choice do I have. Nice to have another blogger with a good credibility. Some of us really need the real news. And a voice too.
Good luck.

Yani said...

So you've joined the very exciting fraternity -- Rockybru,AKJ,the rest. Congrats. Looking forward to your coretan. Beware! Blogging and reading the blogs can be addictive, so I've found out myself. Simply love Rockybru. Really rocking! Cheers brudder!

langkawipur said...

I don't think it's proper for anybody to tell you what you should do with your blog...BUT, it would make a lot of sense to avoid repeating these mistakes:inciting racial/religious hatred and, of course, the by now INfamous Brendan blip!

you see, some Malaysians are getting smarter these days and they can smell someone who has an agenda .

but then again, after so many years of being taken for "rides" this is quite understandable.

although, sadly, a lot more Malaysians are still obediently playing "Simon says..."

so, just as you are free to do whatever you wish to do with your blog...some people reserve their right to voice out their disapproval.

life is's just that some people tend to go overboard when they feel that they are in a position to wield some power...not realizing that life evens out in the end...

hey, it's the Law of Physics!(does anybody know who invented the equal sign?)

let's see what you can offer us.

jitraman said...

Welcome on board.


assalamualaikum, saudara,

finally, we get to "see" your blog. Long time coming.
You have joined the legion of blog-journos. may i add, respectable, respected journos.

I am certain you will keep us posted on many issues.

Selamat Berjuang!

A Malaysian in Riyadh said...

Oh dear! Another interesting distraction to add to the current array of must-read blogs such as jeffooi, akj, rockybru, malaysiatoday, bakrimusa, educationinmalaysia and those impressionable BNM scholars in Warwick and Cass Business Schools. I trust in no time I shall be incorrigibly addicted to yours too.

BCTan266 said...

Ooo, this is good...

All the old boys now have a platform - AK Jasin, Rocky's Bru and now Pahit Manis.

Let's hope together you guys will work to repair the damage that some one "allowed to perpetuate" during last season, now being compounded.

Help bring honour back to being Malaysians again...lest we sink to total oblivion.

Globalization is at our doorsteps and the rise of India, China, and Vietnam is imminent. Yet, here we are still drumming up racial sentiments, unsheathing the keris, calling each other names and engaging in all that destructive bigotry.

Ordinary Malaysians are stuck. We need champions of truth. No fear, no favour.

tokasid said...

Salam to Datok,

Alhamdulillah kini dapat kami berkongsi ilmu dan pengalaman datok serta bekas pengarang besar yang lain.

Semoga ada manafaatnya pada semua.

Unknown said...


Sebagai seorang kawan di zaman Bernama, saya turut sama menyambut baik kehadiran saudara dalam dunia siber.

Jika ada kebaikan yang mampu kita perlihatkan, atau hal baik apa pun yang dapat kita lakukan untuk sesama, marilah kita lakukan sekarang.

Ini penting kerana kesempatan untuk itu mungkin datang hanya sekali.

Selamat menulis.

cakapsiang said...

Selamat datang saya ucapkan. Kami amat menantikan tulisan Tuan selanjutnya kerana saya meletakkan Tuan sebaris dengan penulis-penulis senior lain yang amat saya hormati akan pendirian mereka. Memetik kata Dato'AKJ, kita manfaatkan dunia siber. Lagipun paper di Malaysia sudah hilang wibawa. Selamat datang!

Maverick SM said...


Welcome back to the world of news and ideology. Blogworld is a world of your own and answerable to none. However, remember that phrase: where ther's born an artist, there comes the critics. That's the cyber free-world.

Let us have something to read soonest. Enjoy writing.

Unknown said...

mr a malaysian in riyadh.. who do u mean by "impressionable BNM scholars in warwick".. care to enlighten me..

nway, tahniah to Datuk.. welcome to cyber blogging..

Doc said...

Selamat menulis Datuk,

Semoga dapat meluahkan isi-isi yang bernas dari minda Datuk. Kita hebatkan perbahasan & perbincangan di dunia siber ini.

rastom said...

Memang Tuan berhati muda walaupun sudah berusia, sama seperti Tok Kadiaq Jasin...kepimpinan sekarang sudah banyak beralih ke dunia blog, media cetak semakin hari semakin jadi institusi yang dipimpin. Kerana apa? Mungkin kerana mereka terleps keretapi The Cluetrain. NST dan akhbar arus perdana bolehkah diselamatkan? Cuba singgung sikit apa yang ada di dalam The Cluetrain. Semoga kehadiran Datuk meneruskan kepimpinan fikrah untuk semua.

Just Me said...

Hello Datuk,
New media is the way to go these days. Good move.

razif said...

Brader Mat..kenal lagi tak..anyway welcome to the "maya" world.

Bak kata Pak Kadir...mari kita ex-wartawan arus perdana meriahkan dunia blog ni..sesungguhnya mata pena itu lebih tajam dari mata keris Panca Warisan...


Shanghai Fish said...

Welcome Datuk to blogworld.
You are now officially a netizen !
Cheers !

kate said...

hey boss,

welcome to the world of blogging.

i'm looking forward to reading your thoughts and insights online.

catherine, maxis.

wetbenang said...

Salaam, Datuk.
Welcome aboard! I'm looking forward to your next posts.

A Malaysian in Riyadh said...

In response to orenz, apart from the serious and no-nonsense blogs of accomplished writers, I also religiously read the vibrant blogs by our adik-adik currently studying for their first degrees in Top UK univ such as Warwick U and City U. Here are a sample from two dynamic duo (there are many more blogs from these precociously talented young Malaysians, mind you):

Hanturaya said...

Selamat ber"blog" dato'.

Nampaknya all the "old regime" of the broadsheet NST have moved to the alternative media.

But remember dato' as Benjamin Franklin put it : "the heart of a fool is in his mouth, but the mouth of a wise man is in his heart".


Kak Teh said...

datuk, selamat berbelogging!

di sini pula kita bersua,
dt kj dan rockybru pun ada,
awang goneng dan saya juga,
rasa macam dulu di jalan riong pula.

HeadLiner said...

Ahhh..more interesting blogs to read other than Rocky's and AKJ.

Well done and good luck.

Alliedmartster said...

Hello Sir,
Looking forward to reading your postings. .stumbled unto Rocky's blog, and somehow, got 'hooked'.
Old soldiers die hard they say . .
from your 'landy' buddy

Khalid said...

Silalah buka minda kami, Dato'.

Kedatangan Dato' amat dialu alukan ke dunia cyber.

hafifi hafidz said...

Assalamualaikum Tok Mat,

Congratulations and welcome to the world of bloggers. Looking forward to read your writing and thoughts. Your Pahit Manis column is deeply missed and hope your blog will be even better.

Ramli AR said...

Semoga diberkati. Ramli AR

Honeytar said...

Congratulations! Welcome to the world of blogging!

I always wanted to read you on the blog. Have been reading yours (& AKJ's column) since in print. :)

babamelaka said...

Mukadimah blog tuan amat manis.

Semoga berjaya dan biarlah yang sepahit-pahit itu pun ubat.

Salam sejahtera.

rustypen said...

dear bro ahmad

glad u're going 2 focus on ordinary people, ordinary lives.

i'm sick of all d political posturings, racial bashings, excessive "bantaing" etc.

i hope u wld rise above d fray and avoid taking sides, other than dat of d ordinary osman, cheong, kandiah amongst us.

as an ex(axed journalist), i hope u can leave whatever "baggage" emotional or professional behind. (enuff axe grinding). just get on wit the task. stay true to the course u've chartered.

my prayers r wit u.