Thursday, July 17, 2008

Anwar's (ski masks) roadside arrest


Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was released this mornng just before 10am on police bail. Radio 24 announced this around 10am. He is scheduled to have a Press Conference at his Segambut home after lunch.

But road bloks placed along many roads leading to the city caused massive traffic jams, causing office workers arriving late at their work places. It's in times like this that we need Rdio 24 giving us regular updates as it's doing now.


DATUK Seri Anwar Ibrahim appeared twice on prime time national television in the last 24 hours. First, the de facto leader of Pakatan Rakyat appeared live when debating with Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek on Tuesday night at Dewan Bahasa Pustaka.

Second, when he was arrested on Wednesday afternoon just about 50 metres from his home in Segambut. He was said to be on his way to Police HQ in Kuala Lumpur to make a statement in relation to the allegation that he had sodomised one of his assistants.

I had missed much of the hoo-haa but TV3 midnight news showed pictures from a Chinese newspaper of the arrest. The sight of policemen wearing ski masks (and possibly armed) when making the arrest gave a somewhat grim picture of the incident.

Anwar was said to be making his way to the Police HQ when police cars intercepted his vehicle. Anwar was told to step out of the car he was in, and ushered into one of the police heavily-tinted 4x4s and driven away.

Anwar was told to present himself to the Police HQ before 2pm, or face possible arrest. The roadside drama took place at about 12.30pm. One must assume that Anwar stood a better chance of making the 2pm deadline if he had police escorts, much like the days when he was deputy prime minister.

The scene was less dramatic than in 1978 when ski-masks policemen stormed his house in Damansara to whisk him away. To too many people, this was deja vu...

But the times, they are different. I shan't hazard a guess as to how different the reaction will be this time. The arrest will spark fresh debates in and outside the TV studios, that much I'm certain.

CNN, CNBC, BBC and Aljazeera may send additional crew members to KL to bring the drama to the world's living rooms. Watch out for repeat footages and special reports in the next few days in the world media. A page one story is not impossible.


Tropp said...

this country has a real penchant for drama. I read different versions of the arrest, some said he was picked up in front of his house instead of on his way to the police station as stated here. but it matters not. I regret the way in which he was taken in, the police should have waited until after the deadline to see if he shows up or not. this arrest now seems to give legitimacy to their claim that he was prepared to show himself on wed having failed to do so on monday. The police is doing him a huge favour by vindicating him, and it'll be even tougher now to make the case. I do hope they know what they're doing, and this is a criminal investigation according to the due process of law, instead of something more cynical and politically motivated. In any case though, I doubt the gov will be foolish enough to resort to the same ploy, after the court of public opinion set him free the moment he was arrested back in 1998.

emmer said...

hmmmm tak pernah pulak dengar cerita suspek kes liwat lain yang buat press conference. Dunia makin pelik lately !

ketam said...

PKR mungkin baca mereka ada 31 kerusi parlimen. Tetapi PKR harus sedar bahawa sebilangan besar dari kerusi parlimen mereka adalah bersumberkan (a) PAS yang bersetuju memberi laluan, dan (b) usaha dan titik peluh jentera PAS -- di sesetengah kawasan yang PKR menangi, PKR tiada ahli yang cukup pun untuk buat satu cawangan!

Ramai penganalisis politik merumuskan Anwar Ibrahim akan jadi perdana menteri Malaysia bila 30+ wakil parlimen Barisan Nasional lompat menyertai “Pakatan Rakyat.”

Semudah itu kah kira-kiranya?

Ya, memanglah semudah itu jika andaian bijak pandai politik tentang PAS itu boleh bertahan. Yakni andaian PAS akan berpuas hati jadi “pak turut” kepada nafsu keperdana menterian prima donna PKR itu.

Apa kata jika PAS enggan ikut serta dalam mimpi keperdana menterian Anwar Ibrahim? Tidak terkecuali sahabat akrab Anwar seperti Kamaruddin Jaafar itu Setiausaha Agung PAS, atau Hassan Ali diktator kecil di Selangor itu nampaknya setakat ini mampu mendunggukan dan memperlekehkan PAS Selangor.

Politik Malaysia boleh bergolak semahunya. Watak-watak “besar” itu dan ini dari parti apa boleh lompat ke arah mana yang mereka suka, tetapi pengundi Malaysia harus sedar bahawa impian mereka untuk melihat satu kepimpinan baru, mahu lihat Malaysia dengan orde baru, semuanya bergantung kepada kesediaan PAS untuk “turut bermain” dengan percaturan DAP dan PKR.

Apa? Pembaca ingat orang PAS tidak tahu buat pertimbangan materialisme tentang di mana letaknya PAS parti mereka, dan diri mereka sendiri dalam kerajaan baru kelak? Jika itu sangkaan pembaca, maka cadang saya – get real, wake up, and smell the teh tarik.

Anwar mungkin yakini Haji Hadi Awang itu sudah dalam poketnya, dihujung jari. Tetapi pembaca harus ingat kedudukan Haji Hadi dalam PAS bukanlah berpaksikan cengkaman – kuasa memberi habuan atau menghukum --, tetapi lebih bergantung kepada hormat ahli kepada seniority beliau (orang lama) dalam parti. Sehubungan ini, amati bahawa “hormat” adalah satu komoditi yang cukup senang terlucut dari genggaman.

Seterusnya, memandangkan Anwar sudah janjikan kerusi Timbalan Perdana Menteri kepada tokoh dari Sabah atau Sarawak, apa yang buat pembaca fikir DAP boleh pasrah dengan kedudukan Karpal Singh sebagai Menteri Kebudayaan dan Pelancungan? Atau Lim Kit Siang di kerusi Menteri Alam Sekitar?

Think! PAS and DAP are not the only two quantum variables in the premiership equation. Kan?

Anonymous said...

Ketam is addressing wrong issue here. But I suppose that's how they've been behaving, barking wrong trees. Issue raised here is the manner of Anwar's arrest.It's the same as 1998, balaclava & all.Who are they fighting? They're dealing with unarmed citizen.Don't be like jaguh kg tunjuk berani dgn org lemah like Rahim Noor having Thai boxing match with an opponent whose hands were tied. What a dayus man!! Or Musa Hassan pointing pistol to Anwar's little daughter in 1998 incident. The difference this time was they're super efficient. Anwar was arrested abt 1 hr before deadline. Dy Home Minister and Najib said "what diff does it make 20 to 50 minutes?". How I wish such answer came frm one of Ketua Cawangan UMNO. May I ask can you break yr fast 30 minutes before due time? Perhaps they've been doing it.