Monday, May 5, 2008

Selangor proposes 7-day week - go for it!

OF ALL the statements made in relation to Workers Day celebrations across the country, I find the one from Selangor MB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim as the most innovative. Khalid said his administration may opt for a 7-day week at Government offices.

Specifically, this means the public can do business on rest days such as Sundays and public holidays. He said this when addressing a crowd at the Stadium Malawati in Shah Alam.

As a consumer, I find this as most interesting and worthy of deeper thinking and further study. Imagine - one can make enquiries or pay bills or lodge complaints or even hold meetings with State departments if there is an urgent need for it.

He can start a pilot project on this. Maybe start at local councils because this is where the rakyat have the most need. The MB shouldn't take too long to study this proposal. He should implement it within the 100 days he took office.

By so doing, the State Government takes flexi-hours work scheme to another level. If this is successful, there's no reason why other states cannot adopt the same plan. Innovation has already been seen in certain Federal government departments before this, which was introduced partly to improve efficiency and to meet public demand.

The Inland Revenue Department, for instance, is one of the most innovative by opening up counters at shopping complexes, thereby making it easier for the public to make enquiries on their income tax.



I like it , we have many colleges and universities graduates unemployed. With more govt. servants the 7-day week will be fulfilled....don't delay Tan Sri .

Don't follow BN , itu dulu saja. Ia bukan lagi dulu,kini dan selamanya......kata2 tu (DULU,KINI DAN SELAMANYA) kalau tak pandai jaga boleh jatuh syirik.

Anonymous said...

cadangan yang menarik.
Untuk dua hari lagi itu [sabtu dan ahad], kerajaan buleh menggajikan graduan-graduan yang menganggur tuh untuk kerja pada hari yang tersebut secara separuh masa... selain memudahkan orang ramai, buleh juga memberikan pekerjaan kepada orang yang menganggur... sekurang-kurangnya, mereka buleh tambah pengalaman... dan tidak mengganggu pekerja tetap yang mungkin akan merungut kerana terpaksa kerja pada cuti hujung minggu... atau, kerajaan juga boleh guna pekerja separuh masa ni, untuk tambah waktu operasi kaunter-kaunter terpilih pada hari-hari biasa [isnin-jumaat], tidak lah orang ramai terkejar-kejar waktu rehat tengah hari untuk bayar bil contohnya [selalunya kaunter ni tutup gak... mereka pun rehat juga... huhuhu...]

Zainal A. Kasim said...

Satu cadangan yang menarik. Sewajarnya difikirkan dan dilaksanakan juga oleh agensi Kerajaan Persekutuan.